A Unique Line of Metallic Surfacing and Patina Antiquing Solutions.

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What makes Sophisticated Finishes Metallic Surfacers different from paint?

Even though our Metallic Surfacers look and apply just like any water-based acrylic paint, they are very different in that they contain real metal, not pigment or the mica flakes commonly used in other “metallic paints”. Rather, they are an ingenious blend of finely ground metal flakes (copper, bronze, iron, steel, aluminium) in an acrylic binder that creates the look and durability of a true metal surface.

Once coated with our Iron Metallic Surfacer, for example, a magnet will stick to the “painted” surface. They are all suitable for both interior and exterior use. The Iron, Copper, Bronze and Gold Metallic Surfacers are reactive. That is they can be oxidized with one of Antiquing Solutions to develop a rust or patina finish.

Metallic Paint Products

Statuary Bronze



Blackened Bronze

Rich Gold


Blonde Bronze

Rose Gold





Antiquing Solutions

Rust on Iron

Patina Blue on Copper

Patina green on Gold

There are three Antiquing Solutions that are reactive with some of the metallic paints: Rust, Patina Blue & Patina Green. Some of the metallic paints above are reactive to Antiquing Solutions, so some wonderful effects can be created.

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